Unspeakable – Comic Review: Superman: Red Son


Truth and Justice at all costs, and the American way be damned. The Hero Of The People will lead the U.S.S.R. to a new age of prosperity, but that won’t sit well with everyone…

Superman: Red Son
  • Publisher: DC Comics
  • Writers: Mark Millar
  • Artists: Dave Johnson, Kilian Plunkett
  • Genre:  Superhero / Elseworlds 
  • Published Year: 2004

What’s it all about?

We all know Superman’s origin story. Doomed planet. Last son. Lands on Earth. But what would happen if the craft landed in the U.S.S.R. instead of the free United States?

That’s Red Son for you, with Superman working for Lenin, America struggles to win a metahuman arms race with and obsessed, faux patriotic Lex Luthor trying to outwit the Soviet Man Of Steel.

What happens next?

We have a seditious Batman, a heroic Bizzaro and one Lex Luthor  so obsessed with serving his country that he becomes estranged from his wife – Lois Lane.

Superman feels the need to protect the people at all costs, even if it means becoming the all-seeing-eye that prevents them from hurting themselves. Ideals clash in a strange world as the ultimate immigrant finds his place in the world. It’s a great read for Superman fanatics and casual comic readers alike.


Is it any good?

Superman needs no introduction – his story is known to anyone who doesn’t live in a cave on Uranus – but this is an Elseworlds story where small changes lead to big differences, while still leaving all the characters and settings easily recognizable.

Both the comic references and the real-world implications are tangible, making this a compelling, well-written book. The art is stunning, the plot is smart and the characters are highly credible in their setting. The ending, which I can not talk about without spoiling,  is pretty satisfying…

Is there a movie?

Sadly no, but considering the last three Superman movies…. maybe one day, a DC animated movie adaptation will made, that would be awesome.


5/5 – Must Read


About the Blogger:
Michele Pace Bonello is a board game, horror movie and comic book fan, form Malta – Europe. If you want your comic or game reviewed – send him an e-mail on mpacebonello@gmail.com.


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