Unspeakable – King of Tokyo Review


The Story So Far…

Tokyo city has a long interesting history, stories of love, stories of war, stories of ghosts and 12-story high monsters are fighting over it.


Name: King of Tokyo

Players: 2-4

Ages: 6 and up

Playing Time: ~30 minutes

Type: Card Drafting / Dice Rolling

Theme: Monsters / Kaiju

Giga Zaur – a giant dino-lizard, a cyborg ape called The King, a scheming Cyber Bunny, Kraken – an aquatic eldrich abomination, Aleinoid – the space invader and Meka Dragon… Now pick one and let’s wreck this city!

The Game:

King of Tokyo is a cool little tabletop game about giant monsters – using custom dice, cards, and a small board, you battle and evolve to claim the right of King Of The Monsters! Designed by Richard Garfield – of Magic: The Gathering fame and released in 2011 – KoT has become a popular choice for family game nights and hardcore gamers alike.

Using 6 custom dice (plus any number of extra heads you might have grown), monsters battle, heal, gather energy or score points in what feels like a game of Monster Yhatzee!

The custom dice – with attack, power, health, and 1, 2, or 3 point values. Attack hurts other monsters, health heals you, and the point values let you gather victory points.

Destroy All Monsters!

The lighting-bolt power dice however give the monster power tokens, which can be collected and traded for power cards! The Power cards range from buildings you destroy for points and one-off attacks to humongous jetpacks and horrific mutations!

As for the victory points on the dice – a set of three of any one number score that many points – so that three 1s score 1 point, three 2s score 2 points and three 3s score 3 points. If a players ends with more than 3 of the same numbered dice, they score one additional point per same numbered die – so four 3s score 4 points etc…

Giant Monsters All-Out Attack!

The monster-footprint attack dice, let players outside Tokyo attack the player in Tokyo, but the current King of Tokyo can attack all players outside, making it a high risk/high reward situation…

As soon as a all other monsters have their health dropped to zero, or one monster gathers 20 victory points the game is over and the winner is declared King of Tokyo!


The monsters are represented by sturdy two-sided card stock standies, and the box also contains 8 custom dice, power marker tokens, character trackers for each monster and a deck of power cards.

The Tokyo board is small and used only for marking who the current king is… the art is kid-friendly but not pandering, and the production values are pretty high.

The Verdict

King of Tokyo is a simple, fun game that offers a good variety of powers. Ideal for younger or less experienced gamers who want a way into the board game community. If you stand on either side of the Godzilla vs Pacific Rim argument – this is a game for you!


  • Fun and easy to play for anyone.
  • Captures that B-Movie Kaiju feel
  • Good variety of powers to chose from.


  • Lack of variety in monster powers – fixed by Power Up! Expansion set.
  • Power tokens are small and easily lost.


5/5 – Excellent Game!

About the Blogger:
Michele Pace Bonello is a board game, horror movie and comic book fan, form Malta – Europe. If you want your comic or game reviewed – send him an e-mail on mpacebonello@gmail.com. Kot_BOX


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