List: Unspeakable’s Top 5 Dinosaurs in Comics


I love dinosaurs, and I love comics, so here’s a list of my Top 5 Dinosaurs in Comic Books!

Now before you read on, please note that this is my personal opinion, which you may well disagree with, and there must be really cool dinosaurs that I left out – but that’s probably because I never heard of them or because they didn’t make the cut… so here we go:

5) Batman’s Trophy T-Rex

This one is absolutely iconic, and even though he’s only an animatronic life-size t-rex, I’m giving him the no. 5 spot. Now if you ever read a Batman comic, saw any of the animated movies or series you should keep a sharp eye out for the T-rex, (between the giant penny and the giant Joker card).

T-Rex Batcave

He’s Batman and he has a Dinosaur. Damn!

The origin of the Bat-Rex goes all the way back to June 1946 with Batman #35, and the opening of  “Dinosaur World” – a theme park with life-sized dinos and cavemen (because why not?) which is like a dinosaur version of Westworld

Next thing you know Bats gets invited for some mock big game hunting by the park owner and it all goes to shit when a guy named Stephen Chase pulls a dick move, knocks out the owner and turns all the dinosaurs (and cavemen) on the caped crusader.

Batman kicks all the asses involved and restores order, then takes an animatronic T-Rex as a trophy. Why? Because Batman.

In the recent New 52 arc “Night of the Owls” we see the T-Rex still works as a remote-control security measure, which is just as awesome as it sounds.

4) Old Lace from Runaways

Runaways is the story of a group of kids whose parents just happen to be a super-villain team called The Pride. Now try to keep up, two of the Pride members (Dale and Stacey Yorkes) are evil time travelers who  genetically engineer a highly intelligent Deinonychus in the 87th century, a dinosaur with a telepathic link to their daughter Gertrude.


Old Lace, Gert’s telepathic dinosaur BFF.

So the dinosaur originally attacks the team (runaways is the title of the book, not the team name) but later the link between Gert and the dino make them a formidable team. Gert has taken Arsenic as a codename, so she names her partner Old Lace (after the movie), the bond between them extends from emotion to physical pain, meaning that when OL gets hurt, Gert feels it too…

3) Hermes from Xenozoic Tales

“Xenozoic What?”  I hear you ask in my head, well dear reader, Xenozoic tales  is a comic book created by Mark Schultz back in 1986 set in a post-apocalyptic future with Dinosaurs in it. After centuries of hiding in underground bunkers to escape the apocalypse, humans resurface to find the dinosaurs are back!

Since I was two years old when the comic first came out, so I got to know about the comics through a kick-ass Saturday morning cartoon called: Cadillacs and Dinosaurs and the insanely cool video-game tie-in it spawned.


Cadillacs and Dinosaurs: Exactly what it says on the tin!

Hermes is the name given to a half-tame juvenile Cutter (Allosaurus) that acts as team pet / enforcer for out protagonists. In a world full of muscle cars, raiders, dinosaurs and psychic lizard-men that communicate with scrabble tiles, Hermes is the most bad-ass attack dog around.


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