Unspeakable – Glory To Rome – Black Box Edition – Review


The Story So Far…

So far it’s taken approximately 1,009,491 days to build Rome – Your results may vary….

So it turns out Emperor Nero was not the ideal choice for guy-running-the-place…rumor has it he sent people out to burn the place down and… well…. Rome is kind of a pile of ash now…

But that turns out to be surprisingly good news for a Patrician like you! Using your contacts you can help rebild the city and gain the favor of the senate, make it better than befor and outshine the competition. Manage your workers, chose the right projects and rebuild the great city – Glory To Rome!

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Unspeakable – GOSU Review


The Story So Far…

The blood moon rises and a new war is about to begin. The chieftains look down on their armies, as grunts sharpen their swords and axes, concentrate on their magics and fuel up their flamethrowers…

Goblins have a long and complex history in fantasy, they have been depicted as everything from violent pests to tinkering mechanics, from hulking brutes to trickster spirits… GOSU reflects this variety admirably – as goblins fight each other for Goblin Supremacy!

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