Comic Book Reviews: WE3


From the brilliant team behind All-Star Superman comes the story of three pets and their desperate struggle to get back home.
They go missing from a small american town,  a sinister organisation turns them into high-tech killing machines. They want out.


  • Publisher: Vertigo (DC Comics)
  • Writer: Grant Morrison
  • Artists: Frank Quitely, Jamie Grant
  • Genre: Sci-Fi
  • Year: 2006

What’s it all about?
A shady military organisation abducts three pets from a small town: A dog called called Bandit  (1), a cat called Tinker (2) and a bunny a rabbit called Pirate (3). The subjects  are experimented upon extensively and fitted with biological and cybernetic enhancements then placed into prototype high-tech mech suits and turned into lethal living weapons.

The alterations allow the subjects (renamed 1, 2 and 3) to express themselves in limited speech (IS GUD DOG?). After being used to carry out political assassinations, the 3 escape their confinement look for a way back home.

What happens next?
The 3 are hunted down by the military organisation that created them, forcing them to  fight back with the arsenal built into their suits. As casualties pile up, the art gives us all the  explicit gory detail as the chase comes to a head.

A particularly unforgettable scene takes place when (1) dives into a lake to save a man from drowning. (1) faithfully drags the man to the shore only to reveal that he was torn in two by an explosion.

Soon, a  fourth animal, (4) is released to hunt down the 3, a massive, ‘roided-up mastiff. Things get messy, but the ending is a crowning moment heartwarming feelings.


Is it any good?
Besides the incredibly well-written story, the pulse-pounding pace and the kinetic artwork (often described as a animesque), We3 carries some heavy themes.

Sci-fi as it may be, it certainly poses questions on the limits and obligations of human wrongs and animal rights. It’s short, but incredibly intense, like a sucker punch to your moral core.

Is there a movie? 

New Line Cinema started a We3  movie project back in 2006, with Grant Morrison as screenwriter. The script was actually completed in 2006, but New Line dropped the project in 2008, probably leaving it in development hell for now.

If the film is ever made, the the evoloution of CGI will make for really cool cybernetic animals…


About the Blogger:
Michele Pace Bonello is a board game, horror movie and comic book fan, form Malta – Europe. If you want your comic or game reviewed – send him an e-mail on


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