Unspeakable – Nexus Ops Review

The Story So Far…

Four ruthless corporations battle for control of a distant moon and the rare and powerful Rubium Ore in Nexus Ops – a light-medium science fiction war game. Based on a modular  hex board with a random setup, players use plastic miniatures to combat each other and gain resources, fulfill secret missions and control strategic areas.


Name: Nexus Ops

Players: 2-4

Ages: 10 and up

Playing Time: ~45 minutes

Type: Area Control / Modular Board / Exploration

Theme: Sci-Fi

The Game:

By controlling units  composed of human explorers and various alien races with unique abilities, players set out to conquer the distant moon and control the coveted Rubium Ore. Combat is dice based, with stronger units hitting on a wider range. As players compete for control and fulfill secret missions, they gather victory points towards their final goal.

Lost in Space

Players who lose battles get special action “Energize” cards which grant them special powers. Players can also obtain Energize cards by controlling the Monolith, which is placed at the center of the grid. The first person to reach the required number of victory points wins the game.

Starship Troopers

The game offers a variety of strategic choices, based on the immediate terrain and the resources at hand. A player may choose to max out on cheap, weak units that take advantage of fungus forests or rocky plains, in order to have a numeric advantage over opponents. Alternatively, a player may gather resources with powerful units while disrupting an opponent’s supplies.

The Secret Missions each player is assigned are often a strong influence on the choices a player makes, leading him to choose which units to attack or which terrain to fight on to gain valuable Victory Points.




Nexus Ops comes with a loose hex grid and starting tiles, player sheets with 2 sets of alternative units, tokens for Rubium and exploration, and Mission and Energize cards. The amazingly detailed plastic minis (over 160 of them) are a real treat, 4 sets in solid colours that really make the game a fun war/strategy game.

The Verdict

Nexus Ops is a fun, fast paced game with excellent replay value and a whole lot of cool miniatures. The Sci-fi / exploration theme adds a lot to this game, and the relatively small hex board means you get to the action fairly quickly. The game is fast paced and not overly long, giving you a rewarding experience.


+ Fast Paced Game
+ Loads of interesting units
+ Alternative unit list and rules add to replay value


– Lacks complex strategic elements
– Early advantage can add overwhelming momentum


4/5 – Great Game!

About the Blogger:
Michele Pace Bonello is a board game, horror movie and comic book fan, form Malta – Europe. If you want your comic or game reviewed – send him an e-mail on mpacebonello@gmail.com.



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