Unspeakable’s Top 5 Lists: 2014 Comic Book Events


Unspeakable’s Top 5 Comic Book Events 2014:

Between DCs New 52 and Marvel NOW! there have been a great deal of stories and events this year, here’s the top 5 events that rocked the big two in 2014:


Aquaman & The Others

What’s it about?
Aquaman, the King of Atlantis finds himself joining his old team to fight a mysterious foe who wants to claim their Atlantean artifacts! Old friends fight new enemies in a powerful story that uncover’s much of Aquaman’s secret legacy.

Why does rock?
Aquaman is the butt of many jokes in comic book fandom, but the New 52 has reworked him into a likeable bad-ass with a whole new wave of allies and enemies. “The Others” bring a cool support team that works like a Saturday morning cartoon in the best possible ways. The Atlantean artifacts that power the team, the origin stories of each member and the interactions and character arcs make for a cool, self-contained and compelling read.



What’s it about?
Exactly what it says on the tin. The events leading up to and the titular death of everyone’s favorite X-Man. Wolverine fights his last battle and dies stopping an old foe from completing his plan.

Why does rock?
The afterlife has a revolving door in comic books, just ask Jean Gray. Wolverine will be back from the dead soon enough, but the impact of his death in the Marvel U. sends ripples that show just how much he mattered. All his allies, his enemies, his family and friends feel the void left by his loss. His death is guaranteed to be just a blip in the Marvel timeline, but the way the loss is handled, and the stories spiraling out of this event are really worth a read for any X-fan!


The_New_52_Futures_End_Vol_1_1What’s it about?
Set simultaneously, 35 years into the future of the DC Universe, five years in the future, and right now. Batman Beyond travels back in time to help the heroes of Prime Earth and prevent the apocalypse, as worlds and timelines clash to re-define entire DC reality.

Why does rock?
Brian Azzarello writes it. A master storyteller, he crafts an excellent tale set in colliding timelines with lots and lots of characters. The weekly schedule of the story helps keep the pace of the story going strong, in what must be the best DC event since 52. The shifting point of view allows the story to shift angles and show us more facets of the world set between a war of two worlds and a robot apocalypse.


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