Unspeakable’s Top 5 Lists: 2014 Video Games


Unspeakable’s Top 5 Videogames 2014:

Today’s top 5 is for the video games I enjoyed most this year. I had to leave a good deal of great games off the list, like Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel and Transistor – because I enjoyed these games more, and the remastered Baldur’s Gate and Icewind Dale – because they’re re-issues of games I love, but re-issues nonetheless… so here we go:

5. The Wolf Among Us


What’s it about
Set in the world of Bill Willingham’s best-selling Fables comic book series, The Wolf Among us follows Bigby Wolf, sheriff of Fabletown, as he investigates a series of grizzly murders that lead him to uncover the seedy underbelly of the Fable community. Each choice alters the path of the story, leading to branching decisions that ultimately effect the way the tale plays out.

Why does rock?
Telltale Games have gone above and beyond this year, besides finishing The Wolf Among Us,  there’s highly praised Game of Thrones and Borderlands Titles. Wolf stands out for being an excellent introduction to, or an intriguing new chapter in the world of Vertigo’s Fables. A gripping story in its own right, The Wolf Among us had me hooked through the whole story, and I highly recommend it.

4) Shovel Knight


What’s it about?
Shovel Knight’s beloved companion Shield Knight has gone missing, and now the evil Enchantress has risen power, spreading evil across the land unchecked! Using his trusty shovel and an array of magic spells, Shovel Knight must travel the lands fighting off the evil Order of No Quarter in hopes of restoring the land and reuniting with Shield Knight !

Why does rock?
An a-grade retro-style action platformer that gives Mega Man a run for his money – until you fall into an abyss – then you lose your money and have to go reclaim it… Beat the everlasting snot our of a vast array of deadly foes and fun mini-bosses with shovel! Death-pogo them on the head or slap them across the face, and unlock cool new moves and spells to help you along the way. Looking for fun, challenge and style? Shovel Knight has it all – in spades.

3) Divinity: Original Sin

Divinity What’s it about?
A pair of “Source Hunters” must hunt down and eradicate all traces of a dangerous magic called “The Source” in a sprawling, epic RPG with a tight story, smooth turn-based combat, cooperative multiplayer, and a highly interactive environment that makes every battle a challenge.

Why does rock?
Divinity: Original Sin is the progeny of games like Baldur’s Gate and Icewind Dale, minus the clunky D&D 2.5 rules, and sadly, minus the D&D lore, but with fully customizable characters, a world made up of interactive environments. You burst a water barrel, then electrocute foes, or throw a poison gas arrow then set the gas aflame! The game really shines in co-op multi-player, because the only way to improve a kick-ass RPG is to play it with a friend.


4 thoughts on “Unspeakable’s Top 5 Lists: 2014 Video Games

  1. While everyone has an opinion and yours is valid, I’m wondering how Transistor never made it onto the list. It’s a great game with awesome game mechanics, one of the most beautiful soundtracks to any game, and an art style that puts most games to shame.

    Burial at Sea, Episode 2 is also something that should be on here. While DLC it’s a great addon to a game which ties in Infinite with the original Bioshock game.


    • Hi Glyph,

      Much As I Enjoyed Transistor, (enough to make the top 10), I just liked these games more.

      Same goes for titles like Shadow of Mordor, The Evil Within and Hearthstone – Loved them, but they didn’t make the cut : )

      Are there any other 2014 games you think deserve mention?


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