Pixel Fried Chicken – Movie Review: Witching & Bitching


Witching and Bitching – Las Brujas de Zugarramurdi

It’s hard to miss what this film is all about when viewing the madcap heist opening. Jesus, a toy
soldier and a kid rob a gold dealership, then speed away while holding the taxi driver they pull over
hostage. This is done with such a sense of fun and propensity for humour that it’s hard to feel any
animosity towards these anti heroes. Most of all, everything is covered by a thick blanket of
wackiness which gives all of this a very particular character…

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Pixel Fried Chicken: The Last of Us Remastered: Review


The Last of Us Remastered

Hopefully not the last of it’s kind


After a lifetime of playing video games, I can finally say, hand on heart, that I’m scared I have been spoiled. I am at a loss as to how any game in the future can surpass what has been achieved with The Last of Us, and frankly, also a little bit worried.

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