Unspeakable’s Top 5 Lists: 2014 Comic Book Events


Unspeakable’s Top 5 Comic Book Events 2014:

Between DCs New 52 and Marvel NOW! there have been a great deal of stories and events this year, here’s the top 5 events that rocked the big two in 2014:

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Unspeakable: Currently Reading

Unspeakable’s Reading List: December 2014

Happy Holdiday Season Everyone – here’s what I’m reading this month:


JurassicparkJusassic Park – Michael Crichton – Novel

Old man clones dinosaurs from DNA extracted from amber to create theme park. Dinosaurs break loose and people die.

Jurassic World is coming up next year, so I decided to go back to the novel that started it all. I remember the movie, a key part of my childhood, very fondly. It was scary, exciting and awe-inspiring, something movies seem to work less and less towards these days.

A fun read, a great novel with excellent pacing, interesting, memorable characters and more dinosaurs than you can shake a Dennis Nedry Action figure at.


Black Science Vol 1: How to Fall Forever – Rick Remender – TPB

Black Science fills a gap in my entertainment that I was unaware of until now.

Wierd Science Fiction.

Dimension-hopping, Lovecraftian abominations and the treat of the collapse of all realities. Black Science is what Game of Thrones would be if it were shot in the 70s as a hard-edge sci-fi answer to the foppish optimisim of the 60s.

I reccomend Black Science to anyone who likes sci-fi and space adventures with twisting plots.

saga4Saga Vol4 – Brian K. Vaugn – TPB

Saga is abusive. The story pulls me in with wierd science fiction, makes me fall in love with deeply human characters and then floors me with heartbreaking loss, only to apologise with a funny moment later. Then I beg for more.

I love Saga.

The world it portrays is dreamlike, with impossible characters and elements juxtaposed with harsh realities, ranging from cosmic-scale war to troubled marriage and emotional loss. I keep reccomending Saga to people in the stangest way:

Don’t read it. Not yet. Wait for it to finish. The wait hurts too much.