Upcoming Movies: Sky Sharks

Looks like Dead Snow and Iron Sky had a baby during a Sharknado…

Check out the glory that is Sky Sharks! This kickstarter-funded piece of art might be struggling to reach it’s funding goals, but it sure looks awesome.

You have the full checklist of modern B-Movie classics, a disaster, zombies, nazis, zombie nazis and sharks.

Here’s the trailer:

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Unspeakable’s Top 5 Retro Games


Unspeakable’s TOP 5  Retro Video Games

Do you remember a time when videogames were hard as nails? No tutorials, no achievements, just balls-to-the-wall hardcore gameplay.

The likes of TOKI and Battletoads and Ninja Gaiden had me smashing my head against the wall in frustration, or pumping coin after coin into the arcade machine till I got good at it… and I couldn’t get enough.

Luckily, games in the same style are still being released each year : So here’s my TOP 5 Retro Games:

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